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GF Kitchen Start Up

My gf son is leaving home and  moving into shared accommodation.

Actually, KJ is moving 2000 km south to Melbourne to continue his university studies.

So what words of advice do I have for him.

GF Start Up (1).JPG

How can I assist him to make the transition from a fridge and pantry always stocked with gluten free options to being totally independent and gluten free.

How do I guide him in keeping his food preparation area gluten free safe.

My hope is that he has learnt from my example. He is more than gluten free aware and “learning by osmosis” appears to work best for all my sons and my expectation is that lessons on gluten free have been learnt this way as well.

Much is up to him: the grocery shopping, cooking, living in a new environment, making his own way.

So while I am letting go,  and letting him go, I  have applied the principles of KISS to my list of 10 items for his Start Up GF Kitchen

  1. Bar Fridge – only if space allows, but a great way to keep specific foods safe and avoid cross-contamination eg jam, peanut butter, tomato paste, margarine
  2. Sandwich Press and Baking Paper
  3. Stick blender or smoothie bullet
  4. Bread board and knife – better safe than sorry.  NB for KJ -if sharing a kitchen with a vegetarian or vegan, then buy coloured boards for beef and chicken.
  5. Crepe Maker or a crepe skillet
  6. Zip lock bags and Marking Pen
  7. Good quality kitchen containers for fridge, freezer and pantry use.
  8. Microwave Rice Cooker
  9. ‘Always a Mum’ Gluten Free Cookbooks plus a folder jammed full of information about gluten free Melbourne, Coeliac Australia membership access, Restaurant cards,  shopping list
  10. Toaster – no need to explain


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