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Gluten Free Meat Lovers Pizza

New to Woolworths Supermarket is Jase’s Kitchen Gluten Free Meat Lovers Pizza and Jase’s Kitchen Gnocchi.  Found in the freezer section of the supermarket,  the pizza is perfect to have on hand for those times when you need something quick and easy.  My son added extra cheese to the pizza and while not as good as the one’s Dad makes, it is good to have something in the freezer for those chaotic nights when everyone in the family is eating at different times because of meetings and sport and other commitments.jasses

Gluten Free Recipes from Woolworths Website

Only stumbled across this database today which allows you to choose menu items to suit specific dietary needs including gluten free.

If you are stuck for something to cook tonight, then see if you find inspiration here.


Woolworths Fresh Magazine: Gluten Free Recipes

‘Woolworths Fresh’ is a free food magazine available from Woolworths supermarkets and online.


August’s edition has a surprising number of gluten free recipes:

Chunky Beef and Mushroom Pie (p. 15)

Lamb Pasta Pie (p. 19)

Fig Macaroon Slice (p. 21)

Apple and Walnut Scrolls (p. 26)

Caramel and Pecan Brownies (p. 27)

Raw Lime Pie (p. 43) The date walnut, date and cocoa pie base of this recipe might be a great replacement for a butter-laden cheesecake crumb base in many tart/pie recipes.

And there are also recipes like this one for Roasted Strawberries:


If you try any of these recipes out, let me know how they went.


My version of Roasted Strawberries (at right) and while I am not very good at photography and styling, add a dollop of double cream and the strawberries are every bit delicious.


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