3. Some of the Difficulties

Understanding the Change

1. New Tastes

By the time our children are teenagers, they have already developed very strong food ‘likes’ and ‘dislikes’ and eating habits.  Introducing new tastes and textures and expecting them to make immediate radical changes can be difficult.

2. The Lunch Box

Unlike adults who have access to microwave and refrigerators, packing a lunch box can also become a bit of a hurdle.  Finding an alternative to the familiar white bread sandwich that is both filling and durable can be a bit of a process.

3. Mind Set

Teenagers can be stubborn and unreasonable and resistant to change.  It is important to keep in mind that they are going through a grieving process as they grapple with the loss of their favourite foods and the acceptance of a life-long medical condition.

4. Not all are the same

‘Normal’ white bread generally tastes the same regardless of brand.  The same goes for a range of ‘normal’ products.

However, this does not apply to gf products.  There is a wide difference in textures and  taste between gf breads, flours, biscuits, pastas and cake mixes.  Trying to work out which one is best for your teenager can be an expensive exercise.

5. “Fill them up with a sandwich”

Does your teenage have hollow legs and is used to grabbing that sandwich on the way to sport training? Do you have a picky teenager who doesn’t like potato or rice or salad or vegetables, so bread is always a good filler?

So how do you now fill up our teenagers?  What will my teenager accept as a replacement for the easy to make soft white bread sandwich?

Every day is a new day

Every day is a new day

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